At TradeMax, we understand growing your business is just as important as growing ours. Hence our
various partnership tiers aim to offer substantial, ongoing and growing programs for introducers
of different background and circumstances.

Whether you are an online social influencer or an active member in your extra curriculum groups,
you could simply register to become a Personal IB, join our ‘How to become an IB’ training course
and start sharing the idea online trading to people around you.


  • Flexible while substantial, you choose when and how you work.
  • Some may already be trading, which could turn into instant income for you once you bring them to TradeMax to trade.
  • You and your referrals get to join our extensive in-house trading classes for FREE, where you will learn how to trade, fundamentals of trading and technical charting analysis.
  • You will have access to our VIP market channel which will keep you up-to-date about global breaking news, analysis, insights and how these could help you staying ahead of other traders.
  • Learn a new skillset add your experience to your resume.

TradeMax has extensive amount of experience in working with Institutional IBs across the world.
While our vision is to provide the bridge for global financial demands and solutions, we understand
the unique nature of local markets. TradeMax does not provide ONE solution for all, but instead
we try to know about your business and your market, then provide you customised solution that suits
YOUR needs.

Some examples of the support TradeMax provides:

  • Wholesale trading costs or extremely competitive remuneration.
  • Customised online and offline marketing material to assist with the local branding.
  • Local events and seminar sponsorships.
  • Branded and white label trading platforms and other systems.
  • Local offices and regional representatives.
  • Specially integrated pricing suiting different trading methodologies.