Indicative Daily CFD Financing and Dividend Rates
*Please note that this is an indicative rate and the actual rate may deviate from the shown figures
AUS200 Australia 200 Index AUD -0.648 0 0.055 0
US30 US 30 Index USD -10.192 4.6648 1.929 -6.9972
EUSTX50 Euro Stoxx 50 Index EUR -0.126 0 -0.193 0
FRA40 France 40 Index EUR -0.199 0 -0.305 0
GER30 German 30 Index EUR -0.449 0 -0.689 0
HK50 Hong Kong Index HKD -2.187 0 -0.392 0
JPN225 Japan 225 Index JPY -0.997 0 -1.148 0
US500 US 500 Index USD -0.379 0.0576 0.07 -0.0864
UK100 UK 100 Index GBP -0.552 0 -0.142 0
NAS100 US Tech 100 Index USD -0.951 0 0.175 0
CHCUSD China A-Shares USD -1.707 0 0.383 0
HSCHKD China H-Shares HKD -0.89 0 -0.159 0
SGCSGD MSCI Singapore SGD -0.036 0 0.001 0
*UPDATE AT 05:52:08, 2019-01-17
TradeMax - Crude Oil CFDs
TradeMax Crude Oil CFDs do not expire, however the underlying instrument from which they are priced will be amended from the current futures contract to the next month on the business day prior to the expiry of the underlying contract on the relevant exchange. The transition dates for 2018 are listed below.
CRC/USD - US Crude Oil CFD
Contract Futures Expiry Invast Expiry(5pm EST) Invast Expiry(Asia morning)
19-Feb Tue 22-Jan-2019 Mon 21-Jan-2019 Tue 22-Jan-2019
19-Mar Wed 20-Feb-2019 Tue 19-Feb-2019 Wed 20-Feb-2019
19-Apr Wed 20-Mar-2019 Tue 19-Mar-2019 Wed 20-Mar-2019
19-May Mon 22-Apr-2019 Fri 19-Apr-2019 Sat 20-Apr-2019
19-Jun Tue 21-May-2019 Mon 20-May-2019 Tue 21-May-2019
19-Jul Thu 20-Jun-2019 Wed 19-Jun-2019 Thu 20-Jun-2019
19-Aug Mon 22-Jul-2019 Fri 19-Jul-2019 Sat 20-Jul-2019
19-Sep Tue 20-Aug-2019 Mon 19-Aug-2019 Tue 20-Aug-2019
19-Oct Fri 20-Sep-2019 Thu 19-Sep-2019 Fri 20-Sep-2019
19-Nov Tue 22-Oct-2019 Mon 21-Oct-2019 Tue 22-Oct-2019
19-Dec Wed 20-Nov-2019 Tue 19-Nov-2019 Wed 20-Nov-2019
20-Jan Thu 19-Dec-2019 Wed 18-Dec-2019 Thu 19-Dec-2019
*UPDATE AT 03:27:30, 2019-01-14
BCO/USD - UK Crude Oil CFD
Contract Futures Expiry Invast Expiry(5pm EST) Invast Expiry(Asia morning)
19-Feb Fri 28-Dec-2018 Thu 27-Dec-2018 Fri 28-Dec-2018
19-Mar Thu 31-Jan-2019 Wed 30-Jan-2019 Thu 31-Jan-2019
19-Apr Thu 28-Feb-2019 Wed 27-Feb-2019 Thu 28-Feb-2019
19-May Fri 29-Mar-2019 Thu 28-Mar-2019 Fri 29-Mar-2019
19-Jun Tue 30-Apr-2019 Mon 29-Apr-2019 Tue 30-Apr-2019
19-Jul Fri 31-May-2019 Thu 30-May-2019 Fri 31-May-2019
19-Aug Fri 28-Jun-2019 Thu 27-Jun-2019 Fri 28-Jun-2019
19-Sep Wed 31-Jul-2019 Tue 30-Jul-2019 Wed 31-Jul-2019
19-Oct Fri 30-Aug-2019 Thu 29-Aug-2019 Fri 30-Aug-2019
19-Nov Mon 30-Sep-2019 Fri 27-Sep-2019 Sat 28-Sep-2019
19-Dec Thu 31-Oct-2019 Wed 30-Oct-2019 Thu 31-Oct-2019
20-Jan Fri 29-Nov-2019 Thu 28-Nov-2019 Fri 29-Nov-2019
*UPDATE AT 03:27:39, 2019-01-14